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Part 1: The In-Between


Adapted from: Kahua Kollective | Wahine Workshop

When you meet someone…What is the first thing that you ask someone after you learn their name?

-What do you do for work?

What is the first thing your Auntie asks you if you’ve been dating someone for more than say… a month?

-When are you getting married?

Once you’re married… sometimes literally that week… they will start asking when you’re having children. As soon as you pop that first kiddo out… they want to know if/when you will have your next.

This relentless pursuit of “what’s next” is woven into the very DNA of our culture. But is it right? Is success really just checking off items on a to do list that someone else made for us?

Major Milestones

On the timeline of our lives, we each hit milestones at different times or maybe even completely different milestone all together. But let’s for the sake of time, imagine that there is a rope that represents each of our lives, every knot on the rope represents a milestone. There is a beginning and an end… and along the way we will hit these landmark moments. Maybe it’s graduating from university… getting your first big girl job … getting married… having a child… starting a new career… the list goes on.

Each of these monumental moments is marked by a tiny dot on our timeline. But what about the rest of the line? What about the in between? Does that not matter?

There is a video that has gone viral in the last couple of weeks where a reporter asked a basketball player if the season was a failure. In his eloquent response he ends by making this statement, “Michael Jordan played for 15 years & won 6 championships. Were the other 9 years a failure?”

Were they? No, they weren’t.

The answer becomes obvious when we are talking about an iconic athlete, but why is it so much harder when we look at our lives or the lives of those around us? Why is it difficult to see our lives as successful when we are walking the line between our last achievement and our next milestone?

What's Next?

Check out part 2 for a glimpse into what those in-between moments have looked like in my (Megan's) life, Read Now.


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